This section contains the Conservative Party manifesto for the 2015 general election summaries of the policies of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist party and the UK Conservative party as a whole in relation to various questions.

EU Referendum, Statement of Position

The position of the Conservative Party with regard to the  conduct of the forthcoming EU Referendum campaign is as follows. 

The Conservative Party is not participating in the EU Referendum and therefore does not have a view on one side or another.  Individuals may express their personal opinions, but must not suggest that they are doing so on behalf of the Conservative Party or any part of it, such as the Scottish Borders Conservative & Unionist Association.

This neutrality extends to a ban on using the Association’s office & resources and/or its membership or other databases for campaigning purposes.

The manifesto and summaries of our policies are currently available for:

Conservative Party manifesto for 2015 general election

Rural Action Plan

Comment on Salmond interview 22 March 2015

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