Scots Borderers support the UK

The majority of voters in the South of Scotland support staying in the United Kingdom. An opinion poll, conducted last weekend by ComRes for ITV Border, was the first to focus on the views on people in the South of Scotland. 1,004 people living in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders were asked the question which will be put to voters on 18th September - Should Scotland be an independent country? Of those who said they were likely to vote:

  • 24% said they would vote Yes
  • 59% said they would vote No
  • 17% said they did not know.


The result of this opinion poll is greatly encouraging for those of us who believe that the best course for Scotland's future is to remain in the UK. It also comes as little surprise for members of the Scottish Borders Conservatives who have been out and about campaigning for a No vote and have consistently found most people do not believe separating from the UK is a good idea.

Local MSP John Lamont MSP said “Whilst the only poll that matters is that on 18 September, it is reassuring that this snap shot of opinion shows such strong support for Scotland remaining part of Britain. We will continue to work hard to ensure that there is a resounding No vote both here in the Borders and across Scotland.”

Source: ComRes for ITV Border, 7th January 2014.