Duncan and Lamont visit Mainetti

Mainetti is a global manufacturer of garment hangers and their factory in Jedburgh, which has been in operation for nearly forty years, produces 100 million hangers each year.

As Dr Duncan commented, "Mainetti is a Border's success story. From their factory in Jedburgh they supply garment hangers to the world. Open your wardrobe, chances are that most of the coathangers you find there were made in Jedburgh. Firms such as Mainetti sell their wares all over the world, a reminder of the importance of both the European Common Market, and the need to encourage trade across the globe through the development of further free trade agreements. Firms such as Mainetti are vital to regions like the Borders, boosting the local economy and providing vital jobs. We need to see more companies investing in Scotland, and if elected to the European Parliament in May I will work tirelessly to ensure that the barriers and obstacles to investment, and the red tape that can so often strangle an enterprise are reduced or rubbed out entirely.”

John Lamont MSP added, "Ian has been working non-stop over the last few weeks to visit every area of Scotland, and I was pleased to be able to once again welcome him to the Borders. Mainetti are a great company that are an important part of our local economy and I know that Ian was very interested to learn more about their factory in Jedburgh. Companies like Mainetti just go to show that the Borders is still an attractive investment to global firms, and I know that if Ian is successful this May he will do his upmost to see further investment in regions such as ours.”

Moving on from Jedburgh, Ian spent the afternoon in Denholm canvassing with Trevor Adams, the newly selected Scottish Conservative candidate for the Hawick and Denholm ward in the coming by-election, which will be held on the same day as the European elections, 22 May 2014.